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Paper napkin machine cost minimum venture

Source:未知Adminname:adminWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-04-28 09:25
In fact, all paper products processing projects, only the processing cost at least. This is mainly because the napkin equipment price than other devices, for example, a toilet paper roll is 3-5 million, 5-6 million price is out of paper machine and paper napkin machine, the price is only about 20000. So, for one hand the shortage of entrepreneurs, investment paper napkin processing is easy to do. Then, paper napkin processing will need to be prepared for what?
Processing paper napkin machine toilet paper are much simpler than the processing, in addition to the site, materials and workers to operate, we need only have a napkin equipment can, when buying a paper napkin machine, can be in accordance with local customs, have a look the local people use a napkin paper. The use of square napkin machine, use the wallet paper napkin, also have the use of folding paper napkin embossing. These were to be wallet type napkin machine, folding napkin paper embossing machine. If the napkin processing of color, choose color printing paper napkin machine, if it is a plain white paper napkin, paper napkin machine so common it.
Napkin processing workshop and warehouse condition is very simple, as long as to meet the ventilation, drying condition. The size of the plant in about 40-60 square meters can be. Processing paper napkin machine paper is paper plate, paper plate manufacturers can buy, or if there is a disc of paper cutting machine, can buy a big paper axis, the axis of paper through the disc slitting process into the paper plate. Paper napkins and paper tray is raw material, not the same with the toilet paper processing of raw materials.
Invest in a napkin paper machine will be tens of thousands of dollars, and processing paper napkin risk is small, the industry is a relatively high safety factor of the industry, and there is no pollution and other factors, so the procedure is relatively easy to handle. Napkin processing only need a napkin machine and sealing machine, easy to learn to operate the machine, the technical requirements are relatively low, also do not need what certificates of technical qualifications, and generally only need a license to operate on the line. According to statistical analysis, processing paper napkin machine profits in 30%, a profit of around 2000 tons. So the processing paper napkin profits are very high, if you do a good job very easy profits. Napkin machine has the advantages of small occupation area, so the site is small, if it is in the home production can save site fees.
Napkin is the role of the meal can be used to wipe the mouth or the skin, so the health requirements of the paper has been high, to be engaged in this industry enterprises to do the hygiene license, tax registration certificate, business license, the relevant documents, the more complete the better, so that the operators will undoubtedly increase the trouble and burden.

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