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Teach you how to do the toilet paper rewinding machine processing and sales

Source:未知Adminname:adminWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-04-29 09:38
Customers of toilet paper processing this venture attention already for a long time, I want to do a toilet paper rewinding machine factory in the town, just don't know what to do. I hope the field reference toilet paper processing expert advice, what needs to be done to toilet paper? How about toilet paper profits? How to do the toilet paper sales. In order to better enable the novice to master this convenient information, Xiao Bian invited professionals to explain to you, hope that through this paper, can make more friends to profit.
Analysis of the industry, some people think highly of toilet paper wholesale wholesale, but toilet paper profits and big. Can we calculate the wholesale profits. If the sales of small, less want cheap wholesale wholesale, toilet paper is not possible, the wholesale price is too high profits less. If a large amount of wholesale, to storage, storage process there will be some losses, but the most important thing is to find a supplier of toilet paper.
Can be seen from the above, want to do wholesale supply of toilet paper, is very important, but the toilet paper is relatively low profits life consumable, so the individual small wholesale words is not dominant. Suggestions of personal investment in processing of toilet paper, do a small toilet paper rewinding machine processing factory, producing its own characteristics of the product, with a variety of sales model, to play the price advantage, so that their products competitive, to attract consumers to buy. In addition, the processed products to foreign wholesale, is only responsible for processing it, and profit to earn more than the wholesale.
In fact, to set up a toilet paper processing factory does not need to spend too much cost, need three sets of equipment do toilet paper, toilet paper rewinding machine, sealing machine, band saw cutting machine, a set of equipment will cost 3-5 million price. A ton of paper price is almost five thousand or six thousand. So, must want to be toilet paper is simple. That is, the difference between the rewinding machine are of different types and functions of the model, the more, more expensive price, some other additional features also need extra cost. For the beginning do toilet paper processing at the suggestion of a friend can choose between 1575 and 1880 of the machinery and equipment, the productivity of a day processing 2 tons, fully keep up with the demand, and the whole process is operated by computer control, automatic glue trimming etc.. The processing site, if you are in the countryside, so the site is very easy to solve, can choose in their own home, make a few rooms can be produced, as long as it does not wet ground, it will affect the quality of toilet paper.

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