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Do pumping paper napkin paper machine

Source:未知Adminname:adminWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-05-03 09:25
Now the paper napkin machine, is not just for people to use, many businesses give it a lot of functions, for example, gifts, or some businesses for promotional gifts with the goods etc.. So, I believe that in the near future, pumping napkin paper machine processing industry will undoubtedly grow. Many people are spotted out of paper development momentum, have joined the paper processing industry. However, you know pumping paper processing machinery and equipment which need to be prepared? What is the investment out of paper processing cost?
Out of paper processing equipment: processing of smoke used paper machine, the main boxed pumping tissue machine, the working principle of this machine is the base paper, napkin machine is also set by the knife roll shearing, interactive stack of paper folded into a rectangle hinged, will be divided into disc paper processing chopped alternating folded towel the paper, after packing, can become out of paper products. Because if it is packaged in different packaging, paper plastic bag, a soft smoke, if the box is a box of Kleenex pumping. Use one by one from the box out, convenient.
The boxed extraction tissue machine adopt the vacuum adsorption technology, automatic counting and stacking device has the advantages of fast speed, accurate quantity, cutting width in 100-210mm arbitrary width range adjustment etc.. Of course, this machine is definitely not enough, but also to keep pumping paper packed into that size used in the supermarket after production, the appearance of exquisite packaging. In addition, there is no pumping paper embossing and embossing of the points, but also can increase the embossing pressure according to the needs of customers, trimming device. This requires pumping paper wrapping machine the napkin machine.
Pumping paper factory cost: pumping paper packaging machine and machine supporting the use of general pumping paper, mainly used for soft pumping paper bag for packing of various specifications, packing and sealing effect is beautiful, neat, accurate positioning control, realize the mechanization of feeding paper, only artificial bagging, the faster and more labor saving; reduce production cost, improve production efficiency. A paper drawing machine price of around 5-6 million, and the cost of paper, actually set up a paper processing plant, the total cost will be tens of thousands of.
Out of paper processing plant processing conditions: pumping paper equipment, the plant is also essential, drawing paper machine of workshop requirements is not high, there are forty or fifty square can be produced, if you count on raw materials, finished products, packaging together to get the best of 100 square meters. Out of paper machine is easy to use, general paper extraction equipment to provide manufacturers, to send technical personnel to install machine commissioning, and staff training until you can produce the qualified product.

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