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Do what needs raw materials base pumping jumbo roll slitting machine

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Out of paper raw materials is shaft paper after jumbo roll slitting machine according to the size of equipment drawing paper machine to set the semi-finished raw materials! Is the basic item pumping paper must be used to produce essential! A lot of people on paper material is not clear, today to explain what is out of paper raw materials!
Out of paper raw material is paper plate called the paper plate specifications to customize according to their needs! A good variety of semi-finished raw materials, there are many kinds of paper shaft, there are many kinds of semi-finished raw materials. Touch and feel out of paper depends on the quality of raw materials! Paper cutting machine on the market we see out of paper are relatively soft and supple, comfortable use paper towels! So the paper extraction all raw materials for good quality! Belong to the upper class! The use of raw materials to processing paper of good quality, the price is generally 6-9 thousand or so. Main varieties are wood pulp. But many manufacturers say their pulp is pure wood pulp. Pure wood pulp, which is a fuzzy concept, pure wood pulp may be the original pulp, can also be recycled paper, some manufacturers in order to fuzzy concept, intentionally recycled paper as pure wood pulp. Made with recycled paper towel is not white, often with fluorescent whitening agents and more, because recycled paper fiber is not uniform, also can use talcum powder. So when you buy carefully to identify it. Paper cutting machine
Paper cutting machine for pumping paper raw material should be selected carefully, according to their own needs and specifications to consider the market! A stable supply of raw materials and quality assurance is a magic weapon out of paper profits.

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