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The laws and regulations of napkin machine

Source:未知Adminname:adminWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-05-05 10:06
Napkin machine in accordance with relevant state regulations, manufacturers of disposable sanitary products at the provincial level to the administrative department of health of the "consumer name", it is not allowed to sell in the market. While the ordinary life paper, cannot be used in dining. They are raw materials, health, quality standard. For example, paper napkin production workshop according to the requirements must be disinfected, isolation production according to disposable sanitary standard, and toilet paper production workshop and no special requirements. In addition, the napkin must be independent small packaging, to ensure that from the factory to use remained isolated from the outside, and the toilet paper napkin machine can be used for packing; toilet paper is only limited to the total number of bacteria, and the napkin to limit the number of every kind of bacteria.
(such as: the web -- toilet paper, kitchen paper napkin machine etc.) texture poor Web books, newspapers and other commonly used waste pulped. According to the production of toilet paper industry, in accordance with the relevant national standards, these old books old newspapers after disinfection, every 100 grams of paper bacteria may not be more than 600, but some manufacturers did not meet this standard web.

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